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Mi Amigo Dahmer (2012)

by Derf Backderf(Favorite Author)
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8415685440 (ISBN13: 9788415685449)
review 1: "I had normal friendships in high school . . . and really never had any close friendships after high school." - Jeff DahmerI briefly met Derf Backderf a couple of years ago, when he was telling a small group I was a part of about this book. He said that Jeffrey Dahmer killed his first victim two weeks after Backderf last talked to him, at high school graduation. Before that they were classmates, peers, and friends.Though the word "friend" is a bit of an overstatement, as Backderf wasn't all that great to Dahmer; still, Backderf and his group of buds were about as good as friendship ever got for Dahmer. They never quite bonded with him and didn't much associate away from the captivity of school, but at least they accepted him there. That was a welcome contrast from his ... morereclusive home life with his unhappy family, trying his best to repress the host of impulses he knew were wrong without ever sharing them with anyone. At school Dahmer could at least act out a little to relieve the pressure, and Backderf's group accepted him as a curiosity and entertaining spectacle as much as a friend.Backderf has recreated as much of Dahmer's middle and high school years as possible from his perspective as someone on the edges of Dahmer's life. He draws from his own memories, those of friends and associates he interviewed, Dahmer's as shared in interviews with journalists, and the public documents and records available. He shares his graphic account with highly effective artwork and fairly matter-of-fact writing, choosing for the most part to let the story speak for itself. It is a fascinating, sad portrait, one well worth reading.The section titles tell a bit of a story all by themselves: - Part 1: The Strange Boy - Part 2: A Secret Life - Part 3: The Dahmer Fan Club - Part 4: Becoming the Monster - Part 5: Fade to Black
review 2: I read this book because I needed a short one to read for class. While I found the story and background of Dahmer disturbing, I could not help but find it fascinating. I thought that it was a good example of why we shouldn't judge people, why divorce is hard on children, why high school is such a critical part of students' lives and many other things. None of his high school friends, at the time, had any idea what Dahmer was going through. He needed help but no one was there or willing to give it to him. At the end of the graphic novel, the author wrote a synopsis of each part and where he got his information from. He wrote at one point that when Dahmer confessed, he was very honest and seemed to be filled with regret. I wonder if the murders could have been prevented if he had just had someone to talk to. His parents weren't there for him and his friends only saw him as a joke and his teachers never took notice of him. If anything this book has reminded me that I have no idea what is going on in the minds of my students and that I have the chance to help them grow up into something better because they were in my class. Warnings: Sex-In the actual novel, there is only feelings of sexuality explained. In the explanation afterwards, there is a more thorough explanation of what he did to the victims which is more graphic. Violence- Dahmer finds road kill and does things to the body. In the end he kills a man but it is not seen. Drugs and Alcohol- Dahmer becomes an alcoholic and drinks a lot throughout the course of the novel. Language- Mild language. less
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For a graphic novel, I thought this book was quite good. It took very little time to get through it.
The best graphic novel I've read in the last five years. Special.
Incredibly interesting.
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