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Out Of My League: A Rookie's Survival In The Bigs (2012)

by Dirk Hayhurst(Favorite Author)
3.99 of 5 Votes: 4
0806534850 (ISBN13: 9780806534855)
C Hardcover
review 1: This was the best written baseball book I've read in 40 years. Dirk Hayhurst approaches the story of his 2008 season, in which he makes his major league debut, with refreshing honesty and humility. His personal life, including his engagement and marriage to his wife Bonnie and his relationship with his parents, provides a valuable insight into his character and personality.Well worth reading and an easy read. The narrative by Hayhurst flows well.
review 2: More of the same from Dirk Hayhurst. I felt like this needed more baseball and less home life, or perhaps just a better integration of the two worlds--which baseball events inform his home life and vice versa? The dialogue continues to sound melodramatic and unnatural. I just don't believe that people talk
... more that way, nor do I believe that he can remember two pages of conversations. The pages of self loathing that came with each of his poor MLB pitching performances were hard to read, and maybe that was the point, but I still felt that somewhere along the lines he should've been able to inculcate himself from this sort of thing. The most effective part of the book is the difference between Triple A baseball and the majors. It's far less of a leap from A to AAA than AAA to MLB. Everything changes, the money, the attitudes, the fun factor and for Dirk the ability to throw strikes. I really wanted to hear more about his AAA experience, but that was mostly for personal reasons. Overall this is a good volume about the professional baseball experience, and has plenty (perhaps too much) for the non baseball fan as well. less
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Not quite as good ad hayhurst's first book, but still a fun book to read.
Very readable writing style.
That Brice guy.
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