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The Race Underground: Boston, New York, And The Incredible Rivalry That Built America's First Subway (2014)

by Doug Most(Favorite Author)
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0312591322 (ISBN13: 9780312591328)
St. Martin's Press
review 1: A book in which the material saves the author from himself. The sections describing the experiences of building out the subways, displaying the author's archival work, are the best, whereas the sections describing the background to the projects can sometimes feel like the author tossed his notecards into the air before writing. Still, though, interesting if you're interested in the topic, though I'm not sure how much it would appeal to someone who doesn't ride one of these subways regularly. (Non-Bostonians/NYCers may find themselves wishing for a map, which is a notable lack. Bostonians may find the discussion of the work down to make the subway a clean, well-lit, non-damp, appealing place rather depressing when compared to current-day.)
review 2: I just f
... moreinished reading this wonderful book. Although I have ridden Boston's subway for years, I never thought of it as much more than a way to get from here to there, often on time. Now cruising the subway from Copley to Government Center and beyond, I will appreciate the long effort to bring the 1890's subway into being. I will recall the many historical characters who figured in the risky business of subway making. Although the title suggests a rivalry between Boston and New York (imagine that), there really doesn't seem to be one substantiated in the narrative. Well, Boston won if one existed. If you are or were a T rider in Boston, this will enliven old subterranean haunts long taken for granted. The New York sections are equally interesting; it's just that I'm a Bostonian and therefore derived more pleasure from the attention paid to the underground of the Athens of America. Highly recommend this read. less
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Too long, too many details, lack of narrative drive. Shame. It started well.
Good book thanks so much for allowing me to read it!
Recommended by B.Sandmel
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