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Ask A Ninja Presents The Ninja Handbook: This Book Looks Forward To Killing You Soon (2008)

by Douglas Sarine(Favorite Author)
3.7 of 5 Votes: 4
030740580X (ISBN13: 9780307405807)
Three Rivers Press
review 1: There was a ninja hiding in every page. I didn't see them because whenever I turned the page they jumped out and stood behind me until I had finished the book, put it down and turned around. The ensuing battle was epic but thanks to the lessons I learned from the book I was able to fend them off. I was rewarded for my efforts by a) living and b) getting to take a picture with none other than THREE itself, whom was kind enough to auutograph it for me...before stabbing me in the eye with the pen.
review 2: Never give a dragon an even break, unless it's in the spine :)Essentially this book is an extended text version of the "Ask a Ninja" video blogs on Youtube. That's not a bad thing; it's actually good, because it attracts people who might not like Youtube it
... moreself.The essays and stories are humorous, in a sophomoric way that appeals mostly to teens and young adults. I liked it because it takes a mysterious subject and makes it fun and accessible.WARNING: Don't read more than one or two chapters at a time unless you like humor-induced headaches. less
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very funny and clever, although occasionally gets repetitive.
This book is funny, and full of sarcastic ninja humor.
Amazing. I re-define the world of ninja.
great parady book!
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