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For Your Sake (2000)

by Elayne DiSano(Favorite Author)
3.97 of 5 Votes: 4
Mountain Skulls MC
review 1: Moving back home, Eva Sinclair is trying to deal with the death of her dad. He was her rock and the only family she had left. Eva comes in contact with biker Ben Lawson, she had always been warned to stay away from the bikers in town but something about Ben makes Eva feel safe.Mountain Skulls Enforcer, Ben had the day from hell and just happened to bump into Eva. After an abrupt introduction, Ben finds himself seeking Eva out. He knows he is not good enough for her, but Eva has Ben wanting things he never would have guessed he wanted. As their strange friendship grows to something more, Ben finds himself trusting Eva and the only thing that can destroy what they have is if Eva broke his trust. Is Eva the woman for him or is there a secret she is not sharing?Loved... more this story, it is dark in some areas but their is a light that shines brightly between Ben and Eva. Story was full of twists I was not expecting, fantastic new series.
review 2: I found this an entertaining MC read. The beginning had me a bit confused with the introduction of multiple characters. Also, the initial “crash” meeting of Eva and Ben had been guessing what Ben’s state of mind was and his intention was later made clear in the book. I liked that the author spent some time describing the separate lives of Eva and Ben in the beginning and then how they gradually got together and built a life that belonged to them. Ben in his quiet and alpha ways was really a good match for independent, feisty Eva. Eva was understanding and knew when to hold back knowing that Ben led another life as an “outlaw”. The secondary characters also gradually grew and stuck on me. less
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2.5 starsI didn't like h (too badass). Writing is good. Author knows how to write.
Fantastic! Can't wait till the next book in this series!!
Good read x
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