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Letters To Jackie: Condolences From A Grieving Nation (2010)

by Ellen Fitzpatrick(Favorite Author)
3.83 of 5 Votes: 3
0061969842 (ISBN13: 9780061969843)
review 1: While the concept for the book was interesting, the letters, after reading essentially the same words ("I'm sorry for your loss" kind of stuff) for a while, it got really boring and I just couldn't read them anymore. Maybe if I had been around for JFK's assassination it would have been different, but I just had a hard time staying engaged and motivated to keep turning the pages. I did, however, really enjoy the biographies of the letter writer's in the back of the book, so when I came across an interesting letter I could read a bit more about the person who wrote it.
review 2: This book was touching and gave an amazing glimpse into American history. At times, the emotion was so strong that I had to set the book aside just to get away from the pain and sadness.
... more Not only can you learn a great deal about how our nation handled this crisis, but you can see how far our nation has come. The difference in education among people of different races and socioeconomic statuses is glaringly obvious through their writing (in comparison to today). less
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A great piece of history that must be saved and cherished.
Historically interesting, though a tad bit repetitious.
very touching collection of condolences
This was a wonderful book!
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