Laser Beams Are The Least of Your Worries

A gritty, Military SF page-turner sure to please fans of intrigue and space combat.

Humanity has spent decades carefully establishing a quiet foothold in an uncaring galaxy brimming with hostile powers. That all unraveled six months ago when Captain Victoria Marin and her crew of Vultures stumbled into the center of a conflict between two of the galaxy’s three apex civilizations.

Eager to get off the intergalactic radar, the Vultures spent the last six months laying low, running routine salvage and recon missions for the Union Earth Government. The scavenged xenotech they and the other privateers ship back to Earth are crucial to securing humanity’s place among the stars.

But fate has other plans for the Vultures. When an alien Commander shows up on her doorstep offering Earth its first true defensive alliance, Vick has no choice but to pledge her crew of crafty privateers to their cause. Vick and her Vultures are drawn into a grudge almost a thousand years in the making, and survival for one race could mean extinction for the other. 

It happened again, folks: I read the second installment of a trilogy series without having read the first book. Damn. By the fourth chapter in I began feeling it though; Warren doesn’t forgive readers who stumble halfway into a series without getting something of a debrief session as each concept, technology, character, and element is thrown at you from left, right, and center.

I got the hang of it eventually though, and man…what an awesome story! I felt like a boxer in the ring with a champ; I’m dodging these blows but gradually my eye begins to kick in and I can read his movements, predict his next attack, foil his strategy.

To Fall Among Vultures is not for the faint of heart, and justifiably so. This is a high-octane military science fiction novel focusing on complex politics and out of this world action with lethal stakes should bad come to worse. Other than it being a bloody and violent compilation of hard-hitting military science fiction and space opera, To Fall Among Vultures is a great concept written with the flair for the dramatic.

Warren gives us everything and then some.

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