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This Child Will Be Great: Memoir Of A Remarkable Life By Africa's First Woman President (2009)

by Ellen Johnson Sirleaf(Favorite Author)
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0061353477 (ISBN13: 9780061353475)
review 1: Ellen Johnson Sirleaf is a truly amazing and brave woman. While her autobiography leaves some questions unanswered and is a little heavy on the discussion of international debt relief, it does make some of these complicated topics more understandable. Perhaps most important, it brings long-missing attention to the struggles of Liberia and other West African countries. With tyrant Charles Taylor's sentencing still in the news, people need to know what happened and how the terrors of several past rulers were overcome by Sirleaf and her supporters.
review 2: This book provided great insight into the history of Liberia and the sadness that is Africa - a great continent still struggling and suffering with corruption and greed. Sirleaf's commitment to her country and
... more to what she believes in is inspiring. I loved the honesty with which she acknowledges some of her great mistakes and the humility she brings to her leadership through her constant recognition of the need to lead for those that have nothing or have less or have been through great hardships. Her memoirs are honest and full of factual political information. I would have liked to have more insight into the person that is Ellen Johnson Sirleaf not yet the president of Liberia. This was an inspiring and intriguing book from a great African leader. less
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Fabulous insight into recent Liberian history - great read & recommended.
What's not to like about the story of Africa's first female President?
A wonderful and inspiring book written on a unique voice.
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