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J Roars (2014)

by Emily Eck(Favorite Author)
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Smashwords Edition
review 1: This is My ZON Review....WOW loved it!! Full of action ... Hotty mc Hotness... in this Book J decides no one is going to get in his way of wanting Elle but not putting her in the loop , just saying ..."wait for me"......I'll be back when it's is all done ... isn't gonna cut it.... then she unwittingly places herself right where she shouldn't be!...... J steps up again, but this time decides it's loop time, for one, A: he keeps thinking about her & not on the job at hand so he'll might as well calm the monster... B: she'll be safer C: he can't get enough of her D: it'll keep other fu(€ers poaching on his light.. & that shit ain't gonna fly....So the next book is going to to very very exciting .. with what I've been Told the next book concludes J& Elle in a HEA then on to ... moreChris's book .... Elle's BBF now that's gonna be well anticipated ....cause Chris is just as no holds bared as Elle is... So if you want to get reading a great series, One Click this Book this Series Today!! :-)
review 2: Love, yeah I said it I love J! He is dangerous and loving two words that shouldn't describe a person but they describe J(bear) and the way he loves Elle is simply amazing. I loved how we got to see what happened to J while Elle was suffering and dealing with her injuries. Thanks to Emily for filling in the blanks for me I really enjoyed his POV. The story is a perfect continuation from where we left off in Melted and Shattered. Then Bam Emily left with a WTF bomb about Elle. yes now I am waiting on pins chewing my nails as to what the heck Elle was talking about and how they are going to over come the latest dilemma. This series rocks! less
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More understanding of J's actions and thought processes. Great novella!
Another cliffie!!!!Ahhhhhhhh!!! More???
Enough with the cliffhangers already...
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