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Nobody But You (2009)

by Francis Ray(Favorite Author)
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0312946856 (ISBN13: 9780312946852)
St. Martin's Paperbacks
Grayson Friends
review 1: Ok, I couldn't finish this damned book AT ALL!! It rubbed me wrong 12 ways from Sunday so I am about to have a serious rant about it!!! I enjoy Francis Ray's books, even though I haven't read one in a while, but I could not do this one!!! Off the bat, Caitlin pissed me off, I CANNOT STAND WOMEN LIKE HER!!! Caitlin and Cameron had a relationship, but Caitlin got tired of seeing Cameron being hurt driving in NASCAR, being worried that something would eventually happen to him, so she chose, on their wedding day, to ditch him!!! For 5 years he couldn't find her and then one day, fate intervened and they saw each other at the hospital. Low and behold, she has a son that, surprise, surprise, looks just like Cameron, down to his dimples and his eyes, hell even his first name. The... more wench! What a sorry excuse for a woman to conceal the conception and birth of a child from a man, all because SHE decided for everyone that it was "safer" for the baby. Had she told him, and he chose not to be apart of the baby's life, I would not have had an issue, but because she made her self righteous decisions for Cameron and their baby, it is unforgivable. The fact that this story would probably end happily with her and Cameron together, after what she did, I can't work with that. It's not too often a book puts me off like this one did, not even a 50 pages in, but this one did and, call me judgmental, but there will be no recovery for me! Now, I am officially off my soap box!
review 2: What a THRILLING read! I was CAUGHT UP in not only the second-chance romance between Caitlin and Cameron, but also the fast and fun thrills of the whole NASCAR scene. I must admit I found it DIFFICULT to empathize with Caitlin, I mean I understand her fears, but I could NEVER agree with keeping a child away from his father without just cause (such as emotional or physical abuse). Cameron's DEFINITELY a ONE-OF-KIND guy, there aren't many men that would be as FORGIVING or accommodating as he was with Caitlin after the ULTIMATE betrayal. And Joshua was quite the little CHARMER, throughout this novel, I couldn't help but fall in love with him and all his antics throughout this story. Mrs. Ray once AGAIN, had me LOL, reaching for the KLEENEX, and CHEERING as Cameron and Caitlin made an attempt to move pass ALL the hurts and the fears in order to give their son the family he so desperately wanted. I also enjoyed the informative tidbits Mrs. Ray provided throughout about NASCAR and the racing world. I simply love this story; the cast of characters, the bitter-sweet storyline, the racing chills and thrills and as ALWAYS the close-knit family ties, just a wonderful treat! I can't wait for the next installment in the Grayson Friends Series. less
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I want to read Duncan's story. Also, Hope's story (she is Cam's PR person.)
the book was good, the friends are as exciting as the family members.
Our Children learn from us, we need to pratice what we preach.
secret baby story
A must read!
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