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Chime (2011)

by Franny Billingsley(Favorite Author)
3.59 of 5 Votes: 3
0803735529 (ISBN13: 9780803735521)
review 1: I had a hard time rating this. at some points I wanted to give it a 1, at others a 5. I don't generally like having to work to understand what characters are saying, so the way the swamped people spoke was probably my biggest turn off...that and I don't like nonsense that I work to understand only got realize there is no point (like the brownie). I did however enjoy the banter, witty remarks, and the characters. the opening was engaging enough to make me want to keep reading even when it at points seemed slow and I sometimes wanted to put it down. still not totally sure how I feel about this book...
review 2: Chime is one of those books you finish knowing it was quality literature and yet, somehow, managed to be more tedious than enjoyable. The prose is absol
... moreutely gorgeous and endearingly clever. The main character is both witty and original. However, the plot though solid was in the end utterly predictable. But this wasn't really the problem; it was fun to watch the protagonist learn truths I had figured out pages ago. The problem was the way the story dragged. It was very internal monologue with little action and the bizarre elements of the story added to the tedium. Even so, I couldn't give this book two stars. Not with the strong themes and beautiful language. So three stars it is. less
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I'm feeling generous- and I liked the ending.
Is, and always shall be, amazing.
Wonderful use of language.
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