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Butterfly Mosque, The (2010)

by G. Willow Wilson(Favorite Author)
4.04 of 5 Votes: 4
0802197094 (ISBN13: 9780802197092)
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review 1: "I was still American, and I wanted to write for Americans." (page 272, THE BUTTERFLY MOSQUE, by G. Willow Wilson)...this American here is very grateful-what a beautiful book ever with the topic of Islam! She is a blessing of a writer and had captured my heart in falling in love with Islam's beauties, grace, and much more than ever, growing up (no more misunderstandings and more-allBanished for good). The glorious place-Isfahan-with all her beauty and melancholy-had wanted to cry. Muslim women & men are beautiful! Am very grateful for this informative and humbling book. Much thanks to the author and those in the book-
review 2: I really enjoyed this book, I like how Wilson took an enormous topic and narrowed it down into the pieces that were most important, eit
... moreher she or her editor should get a medal for being able to narrow down the narrative to the truly important pieces necessary to tell her story. I wrote down a number of quotes from this book, and even started looking at tickets to Egypt, I was fascinated by her experience and the way she told her story. less
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I liked the restrained quietism with which she recounts the life changing decisions she makes.
Beautiful,honest memoir of Willow into the life of North Africa.
4.5 Stars
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