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G.A. McKevett

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Killer Honeymoon (2013)
3.99 of 5 Votes: 3
review 1: Life has changed forever for Savannah Reid. She is married to her long-time friend and police partner Dirk Coulter and is learning about the good & the bad she will have to face. Their honeymoon on a small island, however, is interrupted by a local murder. After Savannah's friend...
Killer Physique (2014)
3.94 of 5 Votes: 3
review 1: This book in the series was good for some chuckles, as usual. Savannah is a Southern Belle who can insult someone with all the Southern Charm she can muster up! Do not mess with her!! And if her husband, Dirk, doesn't shape up with keeping the bathroom tidy, he will be in for ...
Buried in Buttercream (2012)
3.91 of 5 Votes: 1
review 1: Simple book. Simple writing. Unwitty banter trying to play like it's smarter than it is. Predictable scenes. Cheesy, unrealistic happy endings (the sixteen year old prostitute who just needed to be driven to the bus stop, given some cash, and told to go home to her pretty bedroom...
A Decadent Way to Die (2011)
4.11 of 5 Votes: 3
review 1: I didn't realize this was the sixteenth book in the Savannah Reid series. I am not reading them in order. It doesn't matter! Savannah is a Georgia girl working as a P.I. in So Cal. I get the feeling she is in her mid to late 40's. The mystery here is who is trying to kill the leg...
Wicked Craving (2010)
3.92 of 5 Votes: 4
review 1: I forgot how much fun this series is to read. It is about a curvy ex cop turned P.I Savannah Reid. She has a rag tag group that help her solve crimes including Detective Dirk Coulter her flirting partner. In this one they look into a sham doctor that specialized in weight loss. J...
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