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Destined, A Novel Of The Tarot (2011)

by Gail Cleare(Favorite Author)
3.1 of 5 Votes: 5
1461007763 (ISBN13: 9781461007760)
G&G Publications
review 1: Boring! I don't know who left these other reviews but they are incorrect. It gives you the impression of being a type of paranormal romance.but it definitely is not. I was so bored reading this book. It was like a lecture on going green to save the earth and using the technique of positive visualization from the book "the secret". I got this book for free so I don't feel too bad I wasted my time reading this. But I would seriously reconsider buying this book. The other other reviewers were not being honest. It's an awful book.
review 2: I love Tarot cards, and enjoyed the author's unique take of using each card as a specific chapter and tailoring that chapter to revolve around the meaning of the specific card. The stories of each of the characters was good, an
... mored I liked the friendships made in this book. I wish I could give it more stars, but the environmental/Gore topic in this book was just too unnatural and was starting to get annoying when talking about light bulbs and energy sources, etc. It added nothing to the story and just seemed like the author wanted to interject her own feelings about this topic. less
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good book the author got to rambling way of topic at time but it was all in all an awesome read
Seven chapters in, and I definitely like this intriguing tale with a very good writing style
Chick lit. Meh.
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