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Luggage By Kroger: A True Crime Memoir (2008)

by Gary Taylor(Favorite Author)
3.79 of 5 Votes: 2
0595530303 (ISBN13: 9780595530304)
review 1: Entertaining read —I originally purchased it to research a story that I was writing, and was pleasantly surprised by Gary Taylor's even-handed and at times empathetic retelling of events that happened to him a couple decades ago. The book was somewhat marred by the clumsy way in which the climax was handled. There was alot of buildup for an underwhelming climax. There's maybe 150 pages of story here, but the book was 300 pages long (at least according to the B&N ebook page count). Interesting read if you happen to like the True Crime genre.
review 2: My thoughts about this book ran the gamut. I first was tempted to add it to my "trashy" book shelf. Then decided that the author and his girlfriend really deserved each other. (He's NOT a sympathetic character.)
... moreBy the end I was ready for Catherine to get her just reward. It's a tale that could happen anywhere, but is enhanced by its Texas setting and characters. None of the events are particularly unusual or surprising (in Texas), but it is very entertaining. less
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