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Katie Up And Down The Hall: The True Story Of How One Dog Turned Five Neighbors Into A Family (2010)

by Glenn Plaskin(Favorite Author)
3.89 of 5 Votes: 4
1599952548 (ISBN13: 9781599952543)
Center Street
review 1: Katie Up and Down the Hall by Glenn Plaskin is a memoir and an emotional story about a dog, whose mission is to bring people together. Glenn Plaskin, a writer for a newspaper, has been wanting a dog for his entire life, but for every time he tries to get one, life gets in the way. After many years of living in Battery Park City everything finally works out in the way he wants and he gets a dog. A young, cocker spaniel named Katie. Through Katie Glenn meets all kinds of interesting people, like the old couple down the hall, who become Glenn’s surrogate grandparents, and a single father trying to raise his son. Katie connects them all and turns people who would not originally know each other into, “There own little family.” With Katie, Glenn has to make it through many... more troubles, including surviving through 9/11. Reading this book made me feel very emotional because it reminds me so much about my own life. Although I have never gone through something as traumatizing as 9/11, I still connect his life to mine, Especially when it comes to Pearl. Pearl is an old lady down the hall who at the beginning of the book is upbeat and joyous, but as time passes and life goes on, her health starts to falter. She reminds me a lot of my own grandmother, who I have always known to be outgoing and athletic, her old age is starting to catch up to her. I would definitely recommend this book to others. It is a nonfiction book, but the way that it is written makes it feel more like a realistic fiction book. This book sends a great message about family and how to find support in different ways and places. This book is a great read for all dog lovers.
review 2: What a loving tribute to Miss Katie, the Cocker Spaniel. Glenn's love is clear, though I did have a hard time keeping myself calm with some of the flat-out stupid choices made in the early days of his life as a pet owner.I had to keep reminding myself of the era - dog training, pet ownership, etc in the 90s was not the same as today. I love the ensemble cast of Glenn & Katie's lives...such phenomenal characters, diverse interests and personalities. Unique perspectives on events of various kinds - broadway performances, health crises, September 11th and everyday life.Don't listen to the last 2 discs while you are driving - you need a kleenex box handy for a good bit of it. less
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Slow and without direction--too much name dropping and too little substance
Beautifully written. Heartbreaking,empowering, uplifting."LOVE REMAINS."
Authors life.... A little too much 'I feel sorry for myself'.
A lovely story about finding a family right where you are.
564 - 2014
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