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Escape From Paradise (2013)

by Gwendolyn Field(Favorite Author)
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Gwendolyn Field
review 1: I usually don't like books like this. I've tried reading a few other darker books and I just can't seem to like them. I don't know what it was about this book that was different for me. The writing was one thing, it was easy to read and even though what Angela went through was horrible it wasn't written so that I was cringing. It just told it like it was and there was a depth to all the characters, even Marco. He was evil but at the same time I understood why Angela couldn't truly hate him. Then there's Colin....swoon! That man! I just loved him! I totally got his predicament and attraction for Angela. Their love could have felt rushed and unbelievable but it wasn't that way. It made total sense to me.
review 2: Those that know me well know that I’m an avid r
... moreeader of all things dark… really dark. Having noted that, Escape from paradise is what I’ll call a feel-good dark read. Yes, I know, it’s contradicting. Let me clarify… Yes, this is a dark read about abduction, rape, and psychological conditioning but it is far from being the darkest thing I’ve read. Angela’s relationship with her captor was almost like a father-daughter relationship, albeit a twisted one, where Marco seemed to spoil her and be protective of her, he didn’t seem to find any joy in inflicting pain on her like the sadistic asshole I envisioned him to be. The story seemed to have this hopeful tone throughout; hope to survive, to adapt, to rescue, to finally find happiness. And of course there is the HEA between the MCs. Is it odd that this book made me feel all warm and fuzzy?... Yep, probably. So, if you have an aversion to reading non-con then this isn’t the book for you but otherwise you’ll probably enjoy it for its ease of read, likeable characters, it is a story that will keep you at the edge of your seat and turning the pages wishing there was more when you get to the end. less
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