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Career Diplomacy: Life And Work In The U.S. Foreign Service (2008)

by Harry W. Kopp(Favorite Author)
3.75 of 5 Votes: 4
1589012194 (ISBN13: 9781589012196)
Georgetown University Press
review 1: A pretty detailed look at the career of the foreign service officer. I was anticipating more of a recruitment slant to the book, but I was pleasantly surprised that the authors cover the good as well as the bad. The book is at its finest when it focuses on narrative/FSO stories to detail a point, as the rest can get weighed down with jargon and procedure. If the topic interests you, and you have a basic understanding of the foreign service, you'll enjoy the book.
review 2: A good overview on the history of the Foreign Service leading up through the Bush Administration. It was published before Obama was elected president, but the general shift towards diplomacy was already in evidence under Powell and Rice (although the GOP never funded these endeavors).A c
... moreritical book to read for anyone considering joining the foreign service today. Has interesting excerpts of lift in Afghanistan/Iraq for FSO's both veterans and new. less
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Everything you need if you plan on becoming a FSO. If not... eh its okay. Good info none the less
A quick, informative read.
3.5 Stars
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