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Stop, Thief! (2014)

by Heather Tekavec(Favorite Author)
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1771380128 (ISBN13: 9781771380126)
Kids Can Press
review 1: Jumping To Conclusions Makes You Miss The Reality Right Before Your EyesThis adorably illustrated fun and funny book teaches the dangers of single mindedness and not paying attention to your surroundings. It also teaches that bad things happen when you jump to conclusions. This is a sweet cautionary tale that can be easily understood and I loved it! I would love to read more books by this author/illustrator team and think my kids would really enjoy them!***This book is written at a grade school level but is entirely appropriate to be read to younger children
review 2: A free copy of this book was provided by NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.Max takes his job very seriously when the farmer asks him to catch the thief who's been stealing all the carrots
... more, berries, beans and cherries, and he soon spies the culprit, a small blue bug who quickly flies away. Max gives chase, aided in his quest to catch the thief by some helpful animals about the farm: a rabbit, a pig, a goat and some crows. What Max might not have noticed, however, is that the real culprits might be under his nose the whole time.This is a really lovely picture book with a fun story about how sometimes we become so fixed on an idea that we fail to notice what's really going on. Max was an adorable character, so eager and happy to be helping the farmer, and although he might not spot the real food thieves (although the reader does), all of the other animal characters are trying their best to be helpful, even if they go about it in the wrong way. The illustrations in this picture book are gorgeous too - the animals' personalities are captured brilliantly and the colours of the farmyard are very warm and charming. I really enjoyed reading this picture book and it's definitely one I'll be sharing with my nephew. 5 stars. less
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Beautiful illustrations and a perfect gift for my little niece! Well written and sweet.
Max is cute and energetic but hopelessly clueless.
Cute book, beautiful watercolor illustrations
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From Judy:*****From Morgen:****
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