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De Erfenis (2013)

by Henriette Lazaridis(Favorite Author)
3.25 of 5 Votes: 5
review 1: I know a lot of Greece history, but most dates back to the ancient eras and stops after the First Century church and Apostle Paul's missionary journeys. I found The Clover House a fascinating read, because for one, I have traveled t Greece, so I better envisioned the settings and culture described--even having been to some of the settings listed in the plot. But what I also enjoyed, though not a historical novel, author-Henriette Lazaridis Power-creates a novel that is set in modern history: the story of Calliope's family. Calliope is half American from her father and half Greek from her mother. Living in Boston, engaged and working for a non-profit, Callie's past is the unwinding mystery of the novel. When her mother's brother--Uncle Nestor--dies, he leaves everything he ... moreowns in possession and inheritance to Calliope and his house flat to her cousin. Little does Callie realize that in returning to Greece, she would find reconciliation with her mother, answers about her family's past during WWII and the truth about herself in finding a place called "Home."
review 2: I had a problem with this book and the two main characters Callie and her estranged mother Clio. The story takes place in NY and Greece, and when Callie travels to Greece because her beloved uncle died and left her the contents of his house, she tries to unravel the family secrets hidden since WW-2. Her mother had fled NY and returned to Greece after her husband died and tries to stop her daughter from delving into the past. She hardly speaks to her sisters and their children and Callie does not understand why the family does not speak to her mother, who is mean spirited and unlikeable.Callie joins the Carnivale celebration before Lent, meets some wild friends, gets all dressed up in masks, has sex and drinks to excess, and wonders if she still loves the finance she left in NY.I found a lot of the book boring, I disliked and couldn't relate to the characters, didn't enjoy the tradition of the Carnivale, which lasted many days, didn't understand many of the Greek words, and found out the family secret of what happened during the war fell flat! less
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Good story. Loved that it was based in Patras during carnival.
Really enjoyed this and love reading local authors
The sex was a little bit too much!
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