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My Lunches With Orson (2013)

by Henry Jaglom(Favorite Author)
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0805097252 (ISBN13: 9780805097252)
Metropolitan Books
review 1: In 1983-85, the last years of Orson Wells' life, Henry Jaglom regularly had lunch with Welles in Los Angeles. At Welles' suggestion, Jaglom taped these conversations, and this book collects the transcripts. It's by turns fun and depressing to listen to Welles. Fun because he has a million stories to tell, and is really good at telling them. On more than several occasions, I burst out laughing at the book. Depressing because it's at a time when Welles is somewhat delusional about the possibility of making more movies, and also he hide very well conversation about his weight and health problems. It feels like an honest record of his conversations and his insights into movies, actors, producers, the theatre, and the like. One wishes the book were footnoted -- Welles makes cla... moreims sometimes that seem to push the bounds of credulity, but on the other hand this is Orson Welles, and you can never tell.
review 2: A chatty, de-mythtifying series of conversations held between Welles and the filmmaker Henry Jaglom during some lunches at Ma Maison, from 1983 to 1985. They talk over a few topics: Welles' latter years, where he scrambles endlessly trying to get financing for a few projects and ultimately fails; Ronald Reagan; the women in Welles' life; and Jaglom's own films, which sound horrible. Welles' image as a pompous/sophisticated/arrogant/artiste and enfant sauvage is fully put to rest here as his conversations portray him as a gossipy, chatty, self-mythologizing, insecure, germophobic arriviste. He does come out fully charming though. Jaglom comes off as a twerp who doesn't like capers in his chicken salad, but the focus isn't on him. less
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The man's recall was amazing. I have a hard time remembering what I had for breakfast.
Interesting stories and fun fly-on-the-wall reading.
Loved it - snarky and outrageous!
A catty man
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