365: 8 – LOST

1. A picture/meme relating to that fandom in some way.


2. Name of book/movie/TV show.

3. Favorite “good” character. Why?
Juliet Burke. She’s easily one of the more complex and complicated characters on the show. Everything about her life on the island was about getting off it and getting back to a world she knew and loved, and she’d do almost anything to achieve that. Except, Juliet cares about people and that wins sometimes. Being on the island taught her to be harder and stronger, but it never diminished her kindness. If John Locke has the most tragic story — never getting back to the place he felt the most at home — Juliet has the second: staying in a place that has essentially trapped her because she wants to help others in the same place.

4. Favourite “bad” character.
Uh. Henry Gale Ben Linus. Look, he’s a terrible person and an incredibly interesting but he’s NO GOOD.

5. Favourite book/movie/episode.
Split between “Not in Portland” and “Jughead”.

6. On a scale of ZZZ to Haven’t Slept In Weeks ‘Cause Tumblr & FanFiction & Everything, how obsessed are you with this fandom?
during and post season 5 I LIVED AND BREATHED IT.

7. Favourite Quote. (Optional. Only for the extra-professional fan-person.)

“It only ends once. Anything that happens before that is just progress.” – Jacob

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