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Christmas Haven (2011)

by Hope White(Favorite Author)
3.68 of 5 Votes: 2
0373444664 (ISBN13: 9780373444663)
Love Inspired
review 1: Good book. Julie came back to town to escape from whoever was after her. She didn't expect to see Morgan again. He immediately went into protector status, and began trying to find out who was after her. I liked Morgan and the way he tried to take care of Julie and get her to see that she didn't need to feel guilty about the death of her friend. The suspense in this book was good, but not as intense as in others I have read.
review 2: High school sweethearts Morgan Wright and Julie Burns were expected to get married, but Julie left the small town of Port Whisper and now is a social worker in Portland. Will they ever find their way back together?After a series of events, including a kidnapping Julie witnesses, she feels like she is in danger and feels someon
... moree might be watching her. She decides to return to Port Whisper, where it's safe - or she thinks it is, but will danger follow her even there?Christmas Haven is the first book I've read by Hope White, but I definitely plan on reading her other books.From the beginning pages of Christmas Haven there was suspense and the book held my attention. I loved the characters and especially enjoyed the "love story" between Morgan and Julie.While I was able to guess one of the culprits (and something else that happens in the story) fairly early in the novel, I will say that I still found it to be thrilling and enjoyable.Overall, Christmas Haven was a great suspense/romance book that I loved and definitely recommend! I look forward to reading the next book by Hope White.*I received a complimentary copy of Christmas Haven from the author to review. I was not required to give a positive review, only my honest opinion - which I've done.* less
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A very different and interesting suspense romance. Well worth reading.
Inspirational romance. Quick read. Some of it was not believable.
treacle--beware of sugar shock
Morgan Wright, Julie Burns
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