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The Thingamabob (2008)

by Il Sung Na(Favorite Author)
3.8 of 5 Votes: 5
0375961062 (ISBN13: 9780375961069)
Knopf Books for Young Readers
review 1: An elephant comes across and umbrella but doesn't know what it is. He tries it out for several uses such as flying, sailing and hiding behind. But this doesn't work out so well. Suddenly it rains. The elephant has the umbrella open. Suddenly he sees a great use for the umbrella.Il Sung Na once again uses a unique textured painting style for illustration. Although it is interesting, in this book it is not as rich and colorful or complex as you find in his book, A Book of Babies. The is very simple and short story about object exploration. This would be a good book to use along with an exploration activity with the little ones. Give them an unknown object and ask them to think about what it could be used for. The book is advertized for ages 3-7 which is the right a... moreudience for this simple book.
review 2: I love the illustrations. They're very colorful. They "were created by combining handmade painterly textures with digitally generated layers, which were then compiled in Adobe Photoshop." I think that means that the illustrator made some cool painted textures, scanned them into the computer, and used them to color the illustrations she made digitally. However she did it, the result is pretty cool looking. The story is really revealed through the pictures, as the words are somewhat sparse. It's fun, interesting, and amusing. I think the kiddies will enjoy it. less
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Elephant doesn't know what to make of that strange thingamabob, what exactly could it be for?
Cute but maybe not for regular story time. Regulars at a small one would like it.
A great and inspiring book about experimenting with new finds or an umbrella. :)
Liked the illustrations but felt the story was lacking.
Omg this is adorable!
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