Book Piles By the Month (Round 3!) – End of 2017 Edition

I am a bit late getting this up, but here are my last two book piles for 2017. November and December were fairly rough months for reading my own books. As I say frequently, it is so easy working at a library to just bring home items that pique your interest, so the bulk of my reading last year came more from work than my personal collection. This year, I do need to change that, but that is for a different post. Here’s how November and December shaped up!



I would say I am pleased with myself all things considered. In both those months I knocked out some hefty sized books and managed to read a variety of genres as well. In 2018 I really hope to try and knock out more books and see where things go from here. Hopefully the first few months have some nice-sized completed piles!

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