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When The World Was Flat (and We Were In Love) (2013)

by Ingrid Jonach(Favorite Author)
3.18 of 5 Votes: 3
Strange Chemistry
review 1: I may have given this one two stars if it weren't for the ridiculous amount of slut-shaming and the overly insulting nature of the main character. She called EVERYONE names behind their back. Every single character, even the ones she claimed where her friends. She called her best friend 'fat' and every other person was a 'slut', or 'man-ish', or 'insert snotty insult here'. She is the kind of person you never want to be around because you know she is silently judging you behind the smile on her face and the second you leave she'll be talking behind your back. Yup; that is the main character of this disaster of a story. I couldn't stand her much less cheer for her, and if you can't cheer for the main character then why bother reading their story?
review 2: OK, t
... morehis book rocks. Basically, 'cause I'm a sucker for a deftly crafted story where credible characters fall for each other in a finely built fictional world and the hero and heroine manage to strike skin-tingly-emotional-sparks off of each other as they pick apart the Theory of Everything. Don't think Albert Einstein's musings can pump a fusion-reactor-full of hot, seething goodness into a YA SF-ish romantic adventure story? Then you gotta read Ingrid Jonach's When the World Was Flat (And We Were in Love). Talk about your Strange Attractors... the two love interests in this story come across like they're sitting next to you, living, breathing, squabbling, overcoming, illuminating, and basically spilling out their tale of damn-close to immortal, timeless love that kinda takes a fire axe to all their/our comfortable realities and ultimately reveals that they... OK, I'll quit now. Just pick up this novel. Dive in. And prep your demanding little word-neurons for a wild, laws-of-physics-busting roller coaster ride into a seriously immersive chronicle that'll put your brain in a very special dimension all its own. less
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DNFed 7% in because of heavy handed description and overall negative tone.
It felt messy and not as well-developed as it could have been.
This is $1.99 in the Kindle store today (April 18, 2014).
Twilight minus vampires plus Einstein.
That ending.
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