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Black Blade Blues (2010)

by J.A. Pitts(Favorite Author)
3.41 of 5 Votes: 3
0765324679 (ISBN13: 9780765324672)
Tor Books
Sarah Beauhall
review 1: This book sucked me in with a wonderful cover. It seduced me right into the dirty, sleazy pages of ill written imagery. I like a strong female lead and I enjoy the character brazenly and freely being herself (a lesbian, you go girl) but hated how the author didn't give enough feeling their relationship or establish more development in her other characters.I cannibalized the pages for crafting so at least it was good for something.
review 2: A well-paced, fun read. J.A. Pitts gives us a traditional adventure/ action tale, set in modern times, with an updated cast of characters. Black Blade Blues introduces us to interesting people, relationships and situations that are both familiar and touching. Plus... there are dragons! Not the "breathe everywhere and no
... moreone gets hurt" kind - this story isn't afraid to get dirty: there are stakes and consequences! Want a good story? Pick up this book. less
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Very enjoyable easy read. A love story, with a b movie set, dragons, giants, SCA...
Good until the final battle scene went on too long.
it's awesommmeeeee
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