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The Imperial Cruise: A Secret History Of Empire And War (2009)

by James D. Bradley(Favorite Author)
3.53 of 5 Votes: 4
0316008958 (ISBN13: 9780316008952)
Little, Brown and Company
review 1: This book presents one side of a situaton, documents poorly, and in general was an unpleasant read. I read ths book because the instructor of a constitutional law class assigned it. Did I learn anything from this book? Yes, but I cannot recoomend it. There are much better books. Plus, his main premiss that Roosvelt negotiated a secret treaty doesnt hold water. He spends a lot of time detailing all of the horrid recisit history of the US. he also thinks Roosevelts actions set the US up to attacked at Pearl Harbor. His case is very thin. The Imperical Cruise which is the title if the book plays a very small role in the narrative.
review 2: Having read several books on the man I thought this would be somewhat interesting - Wrong. This is not a book containing his
... moretorical facts, but opinions of someone who knows very little about the history of Theodore Roosevelt. It is full of fiction! Waste of money and if I could un-read a book this one would be the one ... Don't bother reading this unless you want to hear about the authors biased political views. Actually, this is not a book on history - it's a political diatribe. less
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Provides a different view of President Theodore Roosevelt than the history books I remember reading.
A fascinating tale about the origins of conflict in the Pacific that resonates with events today
Half-read. Just don't want to finish it, and you can't make me, nyah!
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