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The Guardian Of Secrets And Her Deathly Pact (2013)

by Jana Petken(Favorite Author)
4.64 of 5 Votes: 4
1491877928 (ISBN13: 9781491877920)
review 1: Petken’s The Guardian of Secrets: And Her Deadly Pact is an incredible read. The author starts off with colorful descriptive sentences as she takes you into the lives of Celia and her husband, Joseph Dobbs. To say their lives, after a brief six months of marriage was remarkable, is an understatement. The things that take place in this story was so remarkable, it left me speechless. I was upset with Celia one minute and sorry for her the next. The book evokes so many different emotions in me, when I was done, I felt like an acorn in a wind storm, being buffeted all over the place. My emotions span the gamut... despair, anger, triumph, you name it, and I experienced it while reading this book. I can’t make up my mind what genre this book falls under; it’s an excellent ... moreblend of several. Well done!
review 2: An amazing book with non-stop surprising twists from the early scenes in 1912 through to the last page in the present day. This family saga begins in sleepy Kent when a dark stranger arrives in the village and plots a takeover with fatal consequences. To escape her predicament our heroine agrees to relocate to Spain but once again, she is overtaken by events as political turmoil threatens her idyllic new life. Jana Petken has cleverly woven historical fact into her dramatic tale, which embroils the reader with greed, love, death and Spanish Civil War. Can the family be reunited or will the war take its toll on the divided allegiances that wartime politics dictated. It takes 699 pages to discover the answers but for me it was an insight into those difficult times that I thoroughly enjoyed. less
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Wonderful story. This one kept me entertained on a flight from New York to London. Fantastic stuff!
Perfect for the epic lovers of great story telling. A cup of tea and this book is all you need!
A good long epic I could sink my teeth into. Sorry to see it end.
A very good read!
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