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Brilliant: The Evolution Of Artificial Light (2010)

by Jane Brox(Favorite Author)
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0547055277 (ISBN13: 9780547055275)
Houghton Mifflin Harcourt
review 1: An engaging history of how the availability of ever more artificial light has changed our world over the centureis, from stone lamps in prehistoric caves to contemporary light-emitting diodes (LED's). No simpleminded technological determinist, Brox appreciates how culture and technology have affected each other at every stage of our quest for light, from the caves of prehistoric French caves, medieval and early modern villages, whaling and other ships, industrializing cities, Chicago's White Ciuty of 1893, and wartime and peacetime blackouts are quite fascinating and brilliant.
review 2: A very well-written look at something most of us take for granted. This is not a dry, boring history of electric lighting. This is a book about people and their real lives an
... mored how "modern" civilization has come to have electric lights .. and what that means to us and to plants and animals around us. I liked this book very much, and I now look at how I use electricity, and how I sleep, VERY differently. less
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Given where I work, quite an interesting book. Very American centrict though
SDMB: Shakester "interesting but not compelling"
Quite a fascinating read.
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