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Ghosts By Daylight Love, War, And Redemption (2011)

by Janine Di Giovanni(Favorite Author)
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0307701360 (ISBN13: 9780307701367)
review 1: I had a hard time getting into the book and it was only the subject matter that kept me reading. The early prose was over complicated, wordy and un-integrated. "She lay down curled in a position like an infant inside her mother" Instead of "the fetal position". BUT ... this syntax makes sense as the story unfolds and di Giovanni's over-determined identity (identities?) emerge. Is she Italian American? British? French? or does she belong only to Sarajevo? By the time she gives birth to her son, I was enthralled by the humanity of di Giovanni as well as the world she was taking me to - war zones. It was an honor to read this book. Superb.
review 2: What interested me about the story was the extraordinary life Janine di Giovanni led, first as a news correspondent
... morein dangerous conflict zones throughout the world in the mid-1990s and early-2000s, then as a newly married and new mother in Paris. "Ghosts by Daylight" tells how the former experiences in Sarajevo, Chechnya, Abidjan, and elsewhere crept stealthily into the safety and conveniences of Paris and into marriage and motherhood. Some event in Paris could trigger a painful memory from those former times; fortunately time gradually muted participants' memories, refashioned survivor's lives, and rebuilt destroyed cities. Written notebooks of deaths and of eye-witnessed events become the literal memory of that chaos. less
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A heartbreaking memoir of war's effects from one of America's top war correspondents.
An amazing woman giving great details about war and her personal life.
Compelling. Emotional and yet never boring.
fantastic, truthful and honest
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