Jayalalithaa’s Journey From Movie Star to Political Queen

She was a multi-faced personality, an Iyengar girl who ruled the superficial glamorous world and the party which was formed on caste politics.Her subjects lovingly call her Amma.

Author: Vaasanthi

Publisher : Juggernaut

Pages: 180

Format: e-book

Kindleandkompass Rating: 3/5

The book starts with how the author first met Jayalalithaa way back in 1984, when she was a Rajya Sabha member. The author, awestruck by her elegance and efficiency, begins to watch her more closely, in an attempt to un-twine the enigmatic personality.

We have the innocent little Ammu @ Jayalalithaa, who spends a lonely childhood, longing for the love of her mother and suddenly turns out becoming a star only to help her  mother overcome the financial crisis. She rules the glamour world,pairing with men who are twice as old as her. A series of events in her personal life shatters her and becomes a recluse. And then she enters a world where men boast Dravidian-ism with their  handlebar mustaches, but only to emerge as an iron lady, smashing her opponents.

Now, to be very honest, this book has nothing new and exciting for someone who’s lived in Tamil Nadu, read newspapers and followed television news. The book does not document the intriguing life of Jayalalitha. The data or facets furnished are very superficial ,a mere citing of the author’s observation over the years, which are available popularly on the internet.Her relationship with MGR, Shoban Babu and Sasikala that’s remained controversial are addressed with utmost care and still remains a mystery!

The author keeps the language plain and simple, but a pace that will keep you turning pages. No wonder if you can devour this book in a couple of hours!

It is important to mention that this book was banned by the Madras High Court in 2011. What we now have is an abridged version, the chapters too small, lacking substance. Nevertheless, a good read.

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