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American Ghost (2012)

by Janis Owens(Favorite Author)
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1451674635 (ISBN13: 9781451674637)
review 1: I liked the storyline in this book, and how it explored the repercussions of a long-kept secret on the participants and the people connected to those participants . However, I didn't think the main characters were fleshed out very well, and the sudden, intense love relationship between Jolie and Sam was not quite believable. Some events happened so quickly, and didn't seem to have enough detail, making the plot seem muddled at times. I wasn't quite sure the timeline was believable either, since the contemporary part of the book seemed to be taking place today (someone asked if it was the eighties, but the internet was not widely used in the eighties). Someone born in 1938 would be 76 this year,...it just seemed like a lot of the players would have to be pushing 90-100... more if the later portions of the book were taking place now. TLDR, the timeline was confusing! I thought the dialogue really rang true, though some of the other writing seemed like it could have used one more edit. But again, it was a good book and worth the time spent.
review 2: Sucked me right in. It almost lost me in the middle, but I fell back in love by the end. I liked that it didn't give too much away quickly, but dumps you into the various stories and you just have to wait for explanations. I also love how story-based it is; the plot centers around old-timers telling various parts of family lore, good and bad. Reminds me of how much I love my own family lore (although hopefully I'll never hear stories this bad about my own family). less
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Interesting to read because of its setting in Florida but I was somewhat disappointed.
Interesting setting and story but the characters never came alive for me.
Excellent read. Should be required reading in every high school.
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