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Falling For Trouble (2013)

by Jenika Snow(Favorite Author)
3.74 of 5 Votes: 1
Evernight Publishing
review 1: SWEET ROMANCEShort story about two lifelong friends Sophia and Abe. Sophia had been in love with Abe forever, but he only sees her as a friend he. Even treats her like a sister. Abe was trouble, in fact that was his nickname in town. Sophia had to standby and watch him drink to excess, and work his way through a string of women. Then one night when he was drunk and Sophia took him home they had sex, Sophia hoped it would mean something. But Abe didn't even remember. Heartbroken she starts to distance herself from him.This is the second book I've read by this author and I have to say I like her style. I just wish this had been longer. The characters are very well portrayed, the emotion and sexual tension that the author injects into this is very tangible. If you're looking ... morefor a nice romantic read this fits the bill IMO.
review 2: I loved this story for many reasons. First, I love friends to lovers stories. I've written them myself. Second, I love a bad boy... and well, Abe is definitely one of those. And third, I enjoyed Abe and Sophia's troubled pasts because that is what originally cemented their friendship. Abe is the too goodlooking for his own good, tattooed, bike riding, hard core drinking, non-stop fighting, sleeping around bad boy that we all seem to find irresistible. And I'm no different. Sophia is that sweet girl that came from a tormented past but grew up good and wholesome just the same. These two are best friends... but they both have deeper feelings for the other. They are just scared to admit it, until one day they cross that line and everything changes.Jenika knows how to tell a story. I truly enjoyed this book. less
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Not a bad story but I really hated Abe. Never redeemed himself to me.
this was a cute quick read
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