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Y Is For Yorick: A Slightly Irreverent Shakespearean ABC Book For Grown-Ups (2011)

by Jennifer Adams(Favorite Author)
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1423607546 (ISBN13: 9781423607540)
Gibbs Smith
review 1: What's not to like about this little book? It was very funny and I loved, loved, LOVED the illustrations. I appreciate that Adams added summaries of the plays at the end. Although I love Shakespeare and even took a class on him in college, I'm not familiar with all of his plays. I wish I had read the summaries before the alphabet, as I think I would have gotten more of the jokes. Adams has a clever wit and I found myself laughing out loud several times (which rarely happens as I read).
review 2: I won this title through the FirstReads program (thank you! thank you! thank you!) and finally picked it up to peruse last night. I'm so glad I did! Jennifer Adams did a great job with it. Many of Shakespeare's better-known (and a few lesser-known, even two who she
... more claims "no one remembers". Reading it was a hoot! I'd quote my favorite parts, but that would be giving away more than half of the book...the ABC part, at least. The last section of the book is a brief (1-2 page) synopsis of the plays mentioned, twenty, I believe in all. It's a nice refresher if you haven't read them in a while (or never did). In all, I really enjoyed this book and actually will bring it into my classroom--though it definitely will stay on the teacher's desk and I'll only read very select parts out loud (like, for example, Julius Caesar, who was "the most important leader in the history of Rome. But he was not very good at choosing friends" or Cleopatra, who "cornered the market on drama queen for all time.") less
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One of my favorite things now, "A slightly irreverent Shakespearean ABC book for grown-ups"
While I appreciate the sentiment and spirit of this book, it seems a bit juvenile.
A delightful look at Shakespeare with plot summaries of the plays.
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