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Twinsequences (2013)

by Jennifer Foor(Favorite Author)
3.63 of 5 Votes: 4
Twisted Twin
review 1: Ivy and Willow are twin sisters who were very close growing up but soon things begin to change for Ivy and she has huge resentments toward her sister. Willow was very quiet and focused on her school work but when she meets Stoshua the attraction is mutual. Just like things in high school happen they never confess their true feelings and Ivy uses that to her advantage. Ivy manipulates her relationship with Stoshua they begin dating and then eventually get married. Willow is devastated and can't seem to get over it so after high school she moves away and breaks contact with her family. Things are finally looking up for Willow but when Ivy calls her pleading for her to come help her she feels trapped. She loves her sister and would do anything to help her but can she ... morebe strong enough to face the guy that broke her heart. Once she's home she can't deny that she still loves Stoshua and she will take what she can get to be with him. Then Willow realizes that this is all just a scam and Ivy is out to destroy her. Stoshua is in on it to some extent but he ultimately wants to be with his one true love...Willow.
review 2: Well I should have trusted the other reviews. When someone says that a story is too far fetched I always call BS. It's a book and books are works of fiction. Then there's stories and scenarios like this that make you think twice about that. This story is so far out of the realm of possibility. I found myself wanting to rage quit a book! I tougher it out though but I don't even know if I'm happy to say that. I'm just glad the book is over. The writing and writing style were good. The story was just beyond far fetched. I guess if you like those kinda if books though this one is for you. Like I said great writing, good character development. Just way to complicated and completely beyond a possibility of happening situation. less
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For the first time in forever, I did not finish a book. It wasn't really to my tastes.
Loved this book and loved the ending.
Talk about the evil twin sister!
A hot mess....
Freaking Good.
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