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J.R.: My Life As The Most Outspoken, Fearless, And Hard-Hitting Man In Hockey (2012)

by Jeremy Roenick(Favorite Author)
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Triumph Books
review 1: J.R.: My Life as the Most Outspoken, Fearless, and Hard-Hitting Man in Hockey by Jeremy Roenick is an amazing book. I enjoyed reading this book and learning about the life and career of Jeremy Roenick. Jeremy Roenick is a very passionate, outspoken and comedic individual. This book goes into great detail about his life before, during, and after his NHL career. It includes many anecdotes of interactions with fans, one of which caused him to say, “No one will ever accuse me of being politically correct.” Although he could be lighthearted at times, he could also be very serious and would “tell it like it is.” He displays his passionate nature when he says, “NBC didn’t hire me to spoon-feed sugar-coated analysis to the viewers. I was hired to bring passion to the ... morebroadcast.” The book also tells about the struggles he and his wife experienced throughout their marriage. Throughout the book Jeremy uses swear words, which may offend certain people however, I think it adds to the drama of the story and can make it more impacting. As a hockey player, I especially enjoy stories about locker room occurrences, overnight trips, and stays at hotels. Many of these I can relate to and kept me interested in this book. Another reason I enjoyed reading this book is because I am a Chicago Blackhawks fan and Jeremy began his 20 season career there. Being a Blackhawks fan and a hockey player made this book more relatable and provided me a great experience. I recommend this marvelous book to any Chicago Blackhawks, Phoenix Coyotes, Philadelphia Flyers, Los Angeles Kings or San Jose Sharks fan because he played for these teams. When he played for those teams, he was known for giving back to the fans in many ways. I enjoyed learning about what he did for each program and its fans and I think you will too. I also recommend this book to fellow hockey players because it is great to learn about someone who has played at the highest level. He can set an example, especially when trying to be the best. He said, “One reason our society is messed up these days is the acceptance of mediocrity. We haven’t demanded greatness from ourselves.” He says we need to strive to be the best and settle for nothing less. This is a great goal for everyone and can be applied to anyone. Finally I would recommend his book to anyone wanting to learn more about Jeremy Roenick because this book goes into great detail about his life.
review 2: This book was great, Roenick mixed in just the right amount of profanity to make you understand the way he thinks and the book really allowed you to get into his head and watch the story unfold just the way he saw it happen in real life. I was pleasantly surprised by this book because a a lot of sports biographies tend to be pretty bad but this book kept me intrigued the whole way through and was nearly impossible to put down. less
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I still think J.R. is ridiculous. But... At least he's honest? Funny and earnest read.
Raw, real and honest. Loved his take on Marleau and others who play without passion.
Good read, especially if you love hockey.
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