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Dailioji Enciklopedija (2011)

by Jessica Kerwin Jenkins(Favorite Author)
3.83 of 5 Votes: 2
review 1: As I read this book, I fine that the information provided only half way lives up to my expectations. Where is the gorgeous photography that could complement the author's insights? I do find the book informative,not in the way that I had expected but good enough. I do wish the author would have include more color and photography throughout the book. However, I still don't regret purchasing it.
review 2: I feel richer for having read this book. Interesting historical facts - that I never would have come across had it not been for this book - stuck in my mind long after having read about them. It's a very diverse collection. There are stories of people, stories of places, and stories of things (several of which I've managed to grab off of e-bay). Since it's
... more written as an encyclopedia, it's a nice nightly read before bed allowing one to read a lot or a little. Sections range from half a page to five or six per topic. However, I wasn't able to read it slowly. I became obsessed with the kinds of information Jenkins included. In fact, while reading I would often run to the computer, look up a book or two on the subject, snag it used, and go back to reading about new things. Right now, I'm thanking Jenkins for introducing me to the amazingly interesting life of Marchesa Luisa Casati.While a handsome tome, those who see this as a coffee table book or a piece of decor to adorn their shelves are missing out. It truly does contain the exquisite. less
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I so like this book. Full of nice info about superficial things.
I'm reading this book a few stories at a time :)
A lovely coffee table book.
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