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Stand Up Straight And Sing! (2014)

by Jessye Norman(Favorite Author)
3.64 of 5 Votes: 4
0544003403 (ISBN13: 9780544003408)
Houghton Mifflin Harcourt
review 1: There is no doubt that Jessye Norman is an increible woman, especially once you have heard her sing. Her writing is a bit over-the-top, meaning she uses LOTS of wonderfully, fabulously, absolutely marvelous adverbs, although I do believe it's authentic. Most likely each of her experiences and the people she meets are in that moment to her an absolute anomaly. She also jumps around quite a bit and often leaves the reader wondering what a specific comment was about.
review 2: Jessye Norman one of our country's best opera singers pens her life story in this wonderful memoir that is full of passion, commitment, hard works, racism and integrity. Ms. Jessye talks about her childhood life in segregated Augusta Georgia, her grand parents,her beloved parents and singin
... moreg in church. The books has a prelude, postlude and opa and interlude which is a tribute to the great Marian Anderson whom Ms. Jessye admired. The chapters begin with a gospel text and closes with an art song merging two loves into her memoir. Readers will learn of her many international awards, her time residing in Europe and learning at Peabody Conservatory I admire Ms.Jessye mindset that would not allow others prejudice to determine who or what she was going to do or be. A chapter that was a bitter read for me touched on racism, however, It did not appear that Ms Jessye hoards any bad feelings upon anyone that may have caused turmoil in her life. Instead she chose to reflect upon the people that aided in making her life journey an incredible one. Ms. Jessye states her strong committment to her life time career and maybe that is the reason the book lacks any personal relationship information. Maybe Ms. Jessye was informing readers for her; one can only commit one hundred percent to one vital element at a time if they both would require the same amount of commitment for success. i leaned quite a bit about this wonderful opera singer. I'm happy I chose to read it. It was delicately written. I did slug over a few lines when the writing begin to slip a bit but the story was interesting. Narration tone appeared delicate and humble. The novel title and the story line was a good match, 3/5. The book cover a 4/5. and the memoir is a darn great read with a rating of 4/5. PS.. I applaud anyone with the courage to open their life experience to the world to read. This memoir is a great leisure read and history memoir on one of america's great opera singers, Jessye Norman less
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An amazing story and wonderful life. She is every inch a queen. Brava diva!
Five stars for the first 20 years of her life and one star for the next 40.
I adore her music, and devotion to the craft and humanity.
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