Thanksgiving 2017

I’ve been putting off writing this post for going on 16 days now and I feel that the further we get from Thanksgiving, the less likely I am to write this post. As I like to write about things in a chronological order, I must write this post to continue. Stupid, I know. My seasonal affective disorder is being a bitch recently, but I’m trying to work through it.

Ever since my adopted cousin, Ian, moved to England three years ago, my parents have thrown a Thanksgiving dinner for him. We usually celebrate the weekend after the Americans, however, this year it was easier for us to celebrate a little earlier, on the 11th of November.

After a night out in Manchester and a long lie in at Mary’s flat, I caught the train home from Manchester in the late afternoon. My mum and I swung by my old dancing school for a quick visit to see their rehearsals. Their show is in February and seeing the rehearsal process made me miss dancing so much. I’m praying I can make it home to see the show.

As my dad knew how sad I was about missing Bonfire Night this year, he went to the shop to buy a box of garden fireworks to set off before dinner. It was a great show, with a lot of screaming from unexpected bangs. My dad’s firework shows usually end with something setting on fire (a jacket, fence panel… ), but this year, our garden was fire free, despite one moment when we thought an entire tree was about to go up in flames.

My dad did the food shopping and my mum cooked up a big roast dinner for us all. I don’t think my parent’s marriage will stand another Thanksgiving as my dad completely misunderstood my mum’s request for the bread and he bought the wrong kind. My mum may have teared up a little about it whilst chopping carrots, but it lead to a lot of laughter.  I don’t think I had realised how much I missed my mum’s cooking as I ate my whole plate, including the parts I usually skip over, so it must’ve been good.

After dinner, we all went around the table saying what we were thankful for this year. As this isn’t something we do at Christmas, it’s nice for my family and all our many extensions of friends (who are definitely still family), to sit down for an evening focused on company and gratitude rather than gifts.

This year, I’m thankful for my home and my family. Moving away made me more grateful for the childhood I had and the opportunities my parents have given me. I’m thankful for my mum’s cooking and my dad’s “pasta surprise”, Molly’s health and all the hair she’s grown back, my granddad being discharged from hospital, my friends – new and old, the readers of my blog, Sue Wade for the support she gave me during the last few months of college, the life I have had and the life I get to have, and the sun in the sky for making me smile every time it shows its face. (Edit: Dom complained about not getting mentioned so, I’m also thankful for my brother, although, he should be thankful for me, because I’m letting him use my desk in my room back home whilst I’m away)

We finished the night off with sparkles in the street, something that is usually a Bonfire Night tradition. To whichever of my neighbours drove past in a taxi to see all my family waving sparklers at them, I’d say I’m sorry but we were having so much fun, I’m not.


I hope anyone who celebrated had a wonderful time with their family and friends.

What are you thankful for this year? Let me know in the comments and spread a little gratitude!

Love Georgie xo

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