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Dark Light Of Day (2012)

by Jill Archer(Favorite Author)
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0425257150 (ISBN13: 9780425257159)
Noon Onyx
review 1: I really enjoyed this book. The summary on the back leads you to believe that Armageddon happed, just happened, and demons won. But that was 2000 years ago and this book takes place in an alternate future, very much like today. The demon bit was very interesting and I think most people can appreciate the tongue-in-cheek of the premise of a law school for demons. In this book people are magical, human, angels or demons and all live together. Noon is a pretty girl with a big complex about her waning magic, since she destroys instead of heals; this is apparently unheard of for a girl. She has a neighbor angel who is her friend and crush; she goes to Law College and is forced by law to declare her dark magic. She meets another guy named Ari and they become close. Really, their... more love is so sweet and well told. Peter the angel had the short stick and always wanted to change noon, so he was a little hard to like, always playing antagonist. Healers start disappearing in the midst of classes, and Ari's and noon's demon clients. This story was well told, interesting, albeit a bit slow in parts. I was not expecting this to be a schooly mystery romance.
review 2: I had a hard time at the start of the book. However once I got into it I had a hard time putting it down. Noon is trying to live her life but she is not sure where she fits. She is a female with waning magic. That is unheard of. Her magic can kill and she has never been trained to use it. Now she is at school and must declare her magic. She does now she has a boy (Ari) that wants to help her but is also falling for her. As Noon learns more about her magic and how to use it her best friend Peter (an angel) is trying to find a spell to reverse her magic to waxing (healing) like most women have. Her twin Night has the waxing magic and is finally happy where he is and he tries to tell Noon to be happy at her life. Noon is worried for her brother as someone (a demon) is hunt people with waxing magic. Noon is trying to keep her distance from Ari, and she is trying to find her way in the world. Will Noon finally be happy with who she is? Will she pass her classes? What will she choose when it comes to her magic? I look forward to reading the next book to see were Noon goes. less
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Was intrigued by the story line, now I'm hooked on the writing!
So, um, this didn't go very well.
Like TWILIGHT. Enough said.
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2 stars
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