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It's Not My Fault I Know Everything (2009)

by Jim Benton(Favorite Author)
4.18 of 5 Votes: 3
0439825970 (ISBN13: 9780439825979)
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Dear Dumb Diary
review 1: The Return of Jamie and...wait foe it...STINKERRRRRRRR!!!!! Yes, Jamie and her friends (and frenemies) are back for an eighth go round. Jamie thinks deep down she's a geius, mostly because she solves quizzes in those teenybopper mags she gets on a daily basis. (Aren't we all like that at that age? No offense to thinker teens, of course cos NOW most teens are too smart for the indignity of ogling after Justin Beiber...I hope.) But ooooo, challenges to her intelligentsia are on the horizon. The good news: Angeline the 13-year-old bimbo has finally fixed Jamie's hair and made it (GASP!) stunning! Bad news: Angeline, NOT someone with, say, a brain like Vidal Sassoon, fixed her hair into its now Emma Roberts-esque gorgeousness. Good news: Stinker is now married! (I can see it n... moreow: "Do you, Mr. Stinker, take this bitch, er, lady dog of disSTINKtion to be your lawful wedded WOOF?") Great news: Stinker has kids!!!! Three males and one ugly, er, female named (naturally) Stinkette. Bad news: Jamie hates Little Stink worse than Big Stink! Awww, but the Stinker Family are so CUUUTE! Why won't Jamie acknowledge that! MEANIE!!!! Will she change her mind? Her life? Her sucky worldview? Prepare for the surprise...OR DIE!!!!! Keep reading, Dumb Diary Disciples! The sequel can only get better one way: MORE STINKER! NOTHING ELSE MATTERS!!!!
review 2: Jamie Kelley is back with another installment of her hilarious diary. This time around she juggling the "Fake Diary" assignment (every is suppossed to keep a diary that will be turned in, marked, and then read by everyone), keepin Isabella away from the puppies until they're old enough to leave their mother, and trying to pin down Hudson and make him her boyfriend.As always the pictures are priceless, the dialogue is hilarious, and the whole package is guaranteed to please!!! Definately a winner. less
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In this book it is mostly bragging but it is funny bragging!
I think its pritty good so far....!!
Excellent book
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