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School. Hasn't This Gone On Long Enough? (2012)

by Jim Benton(Favorite Author)
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0545377617 (ISBN13: 9780545377614)
Scholastic Paperbacks
Dear Dumb Diary
review 1: Jamie Kelly, Isabella, Angeline, and, yes (YES!) Stinker the Odorifous Dog--they are back!!! Dancing in the streets will commence! In this starting point to her second year of high (and low) adventure, Jamie is actually outsmarted by bubble-headed bleach blond Angeline when Ange aces her in a math test. The UNTHINKABLE!!! Can Jamie right what was wrong (IE: her life) and redeem herself? How many times must she find redemption? After 12 forays into her middle school world, you'd've thought she'd learn by now! But wait: BFF Isabella has one more trick up her sleeve to show Jamiekins the error of her ways! (I think.) This number 13 is a lucky number for Dear Dumb Diarists of all ages and it's good to see our friends again!
review 2: "School. Hasn't This Gone on Lo
... moreng Enough?" is about a young girl who is struggling with math. She also struggles with being herself and figuring out that she should do things for herself and not always to impress and/ or compete with others. She is constantly bragging about herself making her seem cocky, but then we see moments of insecurity. The whole book is coming from her point of view and it is her writing in her diary. She talks in a very modern teenage valley-girl manner. She is very sarcastic and honest, since, well, it is her diary and no one is supposed to read it besides her. She is brutally honest throughout the whole book. The situations she talks about are realistic ones for young girls. This makes her very easy for young girls to relate to. I think this book is aimed for kids in grades 4-6. She uses some complex words that most 4th, 5th, and 6th graders probably will not know, but at that age they are comfortable using context clues or using other resources to figure out the definition. Girls and boys around this age are more than likely experiencing some of the exact same situations that she is in. Kids around that age would be engaged in how she deals with those complicated and tough situations. Each of the pages in the book were decorated. The pages looked like a school kid's notebook or diary. They were random doodles. Then there would be pages with drawings, sometimes a series of drawings, that are showing what is going on at that point in the story. The illustrations give the reader an idea of what the story at that point may look like, but they also leave a lot of details up to the reader. I loved this book. Even though the book is made for a younger age than I am, I was very entertained. She was pithy and dynamic. I really liked that when I was reading the book and reading about what problem she was going through at that moment, I was thinking back to when I was that age and going through similar situations. This book was so easy to relate to which is what made me love the book so much. I thought it was so uniquely written; using diary form and being total realistic. I thought this was a fabulous read. Benton, Jim. Dear dumb diary year two School, hasn't this gone on long enough?. New York, N.Y.: Scholastic, 2012. Print. less
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I really liked this series because I could never put them down. I really liked these series.
its an awesome nook mostly because i had to do it for a bookrec
Jim Benton never fails to amaze me.
It really is funny
woahhh purple text
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