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The Last Greatest Magician In The World: Howard Thurston Versus Houdini & The Battles Of The American Wizards (2011)

by Jim Steinmeyer(Favorite Author)
3.71 of 5 Votes: 2
1585428450 (ISBN13: 9781585428458)
review 1: I have now placed this book in the given up on my book lists. I just can not get into it. It was interesting for the most part but I felt slow moving. There is sections that I felt didn't need to be in the book and they were making the book longer than it needed to be. plus I have many more books to read and there is no point to reading this book slowly when I can read several books in that time that are more enjoyable and a faster read. Maybe try to finish this book in the future.
review 2: authored by a magician, this has a respectful and revelatory tone. we get tricks revealed and tradecraft exposed. Despite the subtitle, this is Thurston's career with much about Kellar, Hermann, and other contemporaries. There is not much about Houdini. What is there dimini
... moreshes Harry. He comes across as a self-aggrandizing image manipulator in control of associations and publications for his benefit. This makes the book offer a side of Houdini he sought to suppress and highlight the career of another imperfect man whose accomplishments shouldn't be forgotten. less
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What an interesting, REALLY interesting, story of the growth of magicians. This was a neat bio!
'Everyone knows Houdini--but who was Thurston?' It's good. Not what I expected.
Lots of deatil, but very hard to get engaged with the character.
This shit is totally up my alley, man.
Illuminating, revelatory, atmospheric.
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