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Server Down (2009)

by J.M. Hayes(Favorite Author)
3.68 of 5 Votes: 1
159058628X (ISBN13: 9781590586280)
Poisoned Pen Press
Mad Dog & Englishman
review 1: I had put this book down to reread the satisfying ending of Craig Johnson's Dark Horse. When I picked it up again I was surprised at how quickly I was drawn back into the story. Server Down Moves at a much faster pace than his earlier books. All the familiar characters are there Mad Dog, his wolf/ dog hybrid, and his niece Heather(number one of two)move this story. Is it real or is it virtual. when real people die you have to ask why. Mad Dog,Cheyenne shaman,Rigged elections,computer hackers, greed all make this a great book
review 2: From midnight till dawn, this exciting, suspenseful thriller provides nonstop action, and the reader may find it impossible to sleep until the end is reached. It's hard to summarize any of Hayes' excellent books, but here goes:
... more Mad Dog, part-Cherokee and sure he's a shaman, looks to the uninitiated like another burly, bald white guy. No sooner has he arrived at a Native American ceremony in Tucson than he's been framed for murder, and is on the run from the cops, with the aid of his spirit helper in the form of a domesticated wolf. Meanwhile, back in Kansas, his home is burned to the ground and his half-brother, sheriff John English, is threatened as well. English's daughter Heather, also in Tucson, is desperately looking for her uncle, and trying to dodge a sadistic professional killer--but he's ready to switch sides and help Heather, after being double-crossed by his employers. And that's only the start!Don't miss this one. Actually, you should start with the first of this series and read through in order, to get the full impact of all the books. less
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The usual good mystery within the goofiness of the series!
Not as good as the first one but I still liked it.
We enjoyed listening to this book on the cd.
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