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Intimate Enemies (2012)

by Joan Swan(Favorite Author)
3.94 of 5 Votes: 1
Covert Affairs
review 1: I just couldn't get into this story. The narrative felt awkward at times (the constant back flipping to check if something really did happen should have been a warning) and I felt as though I've been missing a huge chunk of the back story which never quite got filled in completely. The heroine wasn't as likeable as I wanted her to be and the constant fixation on the mutual lust somehow made Rio's and Cassandra's budding relationship less meaningful than I would have liked.
review 2: this book was crazy. Saul was one twisted effed up man for killing his wife and son because he assumed they were sleeping together which they weren't and so he could get Alejandra out the way so he can take over the estate. Cassie his step daughter comes back home to find the truth
... morein why her mom and brother were murdered but things get dicey for her. his employee Rio is the hero because even though he had to make tough choices and lie to Cassie about alot of things he fell for her way before she got caught up in the middle of the mess in Mexico. him and his partner along with FBI and CIA helped bust Saul and ultimately save Cassies life. I'm glad Rio and Cassie make it through and end up together even with all the uncertainty and lies between them cause they love each other. great book. less
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Also in the Dark Nights Dangerous Men anthology.
Liked the writing, but the plot was boring.
An amazing read!
Great story!
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