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Ein Bräutigam Aus Gutem Haus (2014)

by Jody Hedlund(Favorite Author)
4.19 of 5 Votes: 4
Francke Buchverlag
Michigan Brides
review 1: This is the second book I've read by Jody Hedlund and I'm fast becoming a big fan. She researches the time period she writes about very throughly and I'm learning a lot about real history by reading her fictional accounts. This book is written about the 1880s and focuses on the German immigration into the northern area of Michigan. There was an epidemic of typhoid fever during this time and she had several of her book characters develop this disease. Annalisa's life mirrors those of the real life people from that time period. After her husband dies, she struggles to run her farm and earn enough money to make the deadline for payment on her property or she could lose it. Her father dictates who she will marry to help save the farm but Annalisa, not typical of the wome... moren of that time, stands up,to her father. Carl is sent from Germany to help and a friendship is formed. There are secrets to be learned, struggles to be had and a shocking surprise close to the end that throws a kink into what we had thought all along.....
review 2: I cannot say exactly why I was not crazy about this book. It was slow, far fetched, and the author said many of the same things over and over, just with slightly different words. Page fillersIt wasn't horrible, in fact some of it was interesting, some parts quite sad, some of it quite sweet. I've just read too many really good books lately that eclipse this by a long shot. Sorry Ms Hedlund. I believe I've read other things by you I've enjoyed.It is now September 2024, and I'm looking back on this review. Whew! I must have moved on to a really good book with a lot of substance when I got around to writing this review, so the comparison must have precipitated this reaction. Normally I'm not quite this critical unless I really hated a book. As I recall, I did not hate it. There were characters I was really rooting for, and characters I despised. In my thinking, this marks a fairly good book.Sorry for the negative review. less
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Loved it! Another great book from Jody. Along with the Preacher's Bride, it is my favorite of hers.
This book was amazing! Took almost the entire book to solve all the problems... really annoying.
The book cover looks nice. I give this book 5 stars.
Oh my goodness...loved the book...love this author!!
It is a wonderful book!
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