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Float (2013)

by JoeAnn Hart(Favorite Author)
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1618220209 (ISBN13: 9781618220202)
Ashland Creek Press
review 1: Duncan Leland's business and marriage are drowning in a sea of forgetfulness. If Duncan soon doesn't do something he'll lose them both. Duncan is caught rescuing seagull on camera becoming something of an overnight sensation. Duncan and his wife Cora are trying to get pregnant through invitro fertizlation. Duncan has strange relationship with his mother and brother. Duncan is offered a way to save his company and jumps at the chance reluctantly. Can Duncan's business be saved? Can Duncan's marriage be saved as well? Will Duncan remain in a sea of forgetfulness? Your answers await you in Float.Honestly this book took awhile to pick up it's pace. I had trouble keeping my mind on what I was reading which is something that I usually don't have a problem doing. Personally I thi... morenk some more editing needed to be done to make a better book. I found no grammar and punctuation errors in the book. I appreciated the author's efforts this just wasn't the book for me.
review 2: The epigraph at the beginning of Float immediately warmed me to the story that followed:"To have faith is to trust yourself to the water. When you swim you don't grab hold of the water, because if you do you will sink and drown. Instead you relax, and float." -Alan WattsWatts has long been one of my favorite philosophers and his words are the perfect guide to this fresh, funny, and earnest book about a man who seems to grab at the polluted water of his own life. Duncan Leland is an endearing bumbler trying to save his failing business, marriage, and family in the oceanside town of Port Ellery, Maine. The novel touches on everything from conceptual art to jellyfish plastic to ocean pollution without losing its fluid momentum toward a spectacular tsunami of an ending in which Duncan finally learns how to float. A satisfying and engaging read. less
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Pretty good book. It got boring at some parts, but overall, not that bad.
Well done! Enjoyed the mystery behind the story.
promised to be amusing, by 30 pages was not.
3.5 stars. Creative and complicated
Very creative, great message!
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