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Us: Americans Talk About Love (2010)

by John Bowe(Favorite Author)
3.36 of 5 Votes: 5
0865479291 (ISBN13: 9780865479296)
Faber & Faber
review 1: I really like Bowe's Gig: Americans Talk about Their Jobs from 2000, which is a collection of short first-person interviews with over 100 Americans, from an Air Force general to a professional crime scene cleaner, about their jobs. This one has interviews with over 40 Americans, aged 5 to 86, about the most important love of their lives. Most people have prosaic love lives: they fall in love, marry, have children and raise them. Some have more unusual ones. A mother of three, an aerobics instructor married to a born-again Christian Republican farmer, falls in love with a woman client of hers, has sex with her, and has an orgasm for the first time in her life. A man who grew up in poverty in rural Tennessee sleeps with two sisters at the same time, and marries one; after he... more goes on a shrimp boat to make money, his wife sleeps with his brother, so his children's sister is also their cousin. An English waitress in New York City dumps an Italian count for an illegal Brazilian busboy with no formal education. Love is one of the most important parts of a person's life, like a job, but the subject of this book is not jobs but love.
review 2: Real life accounts of romantic relationships, broken down into sections based on longevity, 3-5 years and all the way up to over 60 years together, with a little section at the end for multiple relationships. A married mother of three, realizes she's gay, a raver couple share a dope habit, a man loses his wife of 15 years during hurricane Katrina, a polyamorous couple explains jealousy, and a lonely barfly is content to die alone. Maybe this isn't the best review, but being a huge fan of non-fiction, I have to say some of these people's stories are really a pleasure to read, and it makes you feel like they are telling you their stories in person. less
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The premise had so much potential... but the execution was a disappointment.
Short stories of people being interviewed. Some were entertaining and funny.
Not really "good" till you get to the 5-10 years...
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