Pink slams Aussie TV show ‘The Loop’ on Twitter

DON’T expect to see Pink on Aussie TV show The Loop anytime soon.

The music superstar lashed out at the program on Twitter after they posted a misleading tweet about her reaction to Christina Aguilera’s performance at Monday’s American Music Awards.

During a tribute to Whitney Houston, Aguilera performed I Will Always Love You at the awards and during the song the cameras cut to Pink in the audience who appeared to be grimacing.

Social media erupted at the so called “shade” that Pink was throwing Aguilera’s way, but the What About Us singer quickly set the record straight on Twitter.

“Christina f**king killed it tonight for one of our favourite singers ever,” she tweeted.

“This about Whitney, and I am in awe of Christina’s talent. Show the clip where I’m in tears, you negative Nancy’s. [sic]”

Pretty clear, right? Well it wasn’t clear enough for The Loop, a music video show hosted by Scott Tweedie and Olivia Phyland that airs on weekends on Eleven.

After Pink had seemingly cleared the air, the TV show’s twitter account posted a photo of the singer’s face during Aguilera’s performance with the caption: “We will always love Whitney Houston but do you think @xtina deserved @Pink’s stank face at the #AMAs?”

Pink saw the tweet and judging by her response, she was less than impressed.

“I wish I could block you forever but I don’t know how someone help me please,” she wrote.

The artist, who is bringing her Beautiful Trauma World Tour to Australia next July, again made it clear her reaction was nothing but positive to Aguilera’s rendition.

“Waking up to see a newly created riff between myself and another incredible woman, Christina, who took on an incredible feat, who I support fully, makes me so sad,” she wrote in a follow-up tweet to her 31.2 million followers..

“You all perpetuate keeping women apart b/c you’re afraid of the power we have when we get together.”

In a statement to, a spokesman for The Loop said, “We are flattered that a global megastar noticed a tweet from The Loop. Everyone at The Loop is a massive fan of Pink and we had no intention of offending her.”

In conclusion: No beef between Pink and Aguilera. Big beef between Pink and The Loop.

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